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Our Story

The Station Restaurant was originally built in 1929

In 1991 It was designated a Heritage Railway Station. The building’s architectural character of low proportions, sloping roofs, quiet skylines and sheltering overhangs echo the CPR’s standard plan for stations of importance It held a significant place in Havelock community as the first divisional point east of Toronto on the Ontario-Quebec Railway, the trunk line of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)

It was one of the few communities in Ontario that derived the major•ty of its mater•al existence from the establishment of the railway. Havelock prov’ded freight and passenger service from the 1880’s to the 1960’s Today it is used mostly to transport nephaline syen•te for g ass making and ceramics, from north of Havelock to Toronto Entrepreneur Nick Miniotis bought the vacant station In 2004 andcarefully renovated it to preserve its historic features

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